“Sprucing of America one House or One Structure at a Time”


Based in Gainesville, Florida, cover all of North Florida, North-Central FL, and Central FL

completed house and condo projects have extended out to Lake City, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Crescent Beach, Newberry, Morriston, The Villages, Tampa, Leesburg, and Orlando

Extent of Travel to Date: White Plains, NY/ Danbury, CT

“Highly recommended” Ask His Customers

You can contact me for references. References are also on file at Sherwin-Williams central Gainesville paint store.

I am know for QUALITY work for a VERY AFFORDABLE price. And I have built an honest, trustworthy reputation.


After dabbling in painting projects, some of them volunteer, for several years, I started painting in my own business in early 2006 in Central Florida as Paul’s Painting.  The following year I did a stint with the state park service working on the state’s historic structures and artifacts to preserve them.  I have loved the sense of history and desired to do more preservation projects, thus adding the “preservation” to the business name, “Paul’s Painting and Preservation Service” was a natural.  Ten years later, with a renewed sense of patriotism and American ideals and principles inspired a new name for the painting business, A USA, and truncating the “Paul’s Painting and Preservation to “PPP”, thus A USA PPP in 2017, becoming an LLC in 2019.

It may be interesting that in my career I have also served as a Pastor, Adjunct Professor, and on-the-side self-Publisher.  The Painting and Preservation is my full-time occupation as my customers know.

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