Brief Story How I Started in Painting Business

My mother first set some paint brushes before me with some oil paint and canvas sheets at the age of 8, and painted my first oil painting. I painted another one at the age of 10 and again a couple years later. I was recognized by both my mother and my classmates of having artistic talent. So I took art classes in high school and minored in art in college. And after moving to Florida when I finished college, I worked for an artists company for three years.

During my about 10 year career in the nonprofit sector and graduate studies, I had occasional house painting and sign painting projects. I was mentored by a seasoned painting professional during a summer in my first graduate program. That gave me the essential professional skills. After this period and after my first government stint in Orlando, I took on my first self-employed painting project in 2006, a 2-story house. I completed 3 other exterior houses that year in the Orlando area.

House paint 3 Orlando 2006
Orlando, FL 2006


Venetian Plastered Wall 2006
Venetian Plastered Wall 2006











I also performed a little interior painting and including some specialty faux finishes in the interior walls (one wall with cathedral ceiling in Venetian pigmented plaster).


In 2007, I took the opportunity to work on both the cultural and natural resources at O’Leno State Park High Springs and Dudley Farm in Newberry (see Preservation-Historic for a couple highlights from that year). Besides having some painting projects (maintenance shed and lots of parking stripes!), this is where I picked up my pressure washing experience, having pressure washed many of the structures, fencing, and sidewalks in the park.

O'Leno State Park CCC Rec Hall 2007
O’Leno State Park CCC Rec Hall 2007








During my 5 years in Tallahassee, I had some painting I did at the small apartment complex I did maintenance at part-time, and was an adjunct instructor at TCC for 3 years.

Shortly after moving back to Central FL in 2013, I had a house in Leesburg I painted.

Because of my interest in preservation and historic preservation, I moved up to Gainesville in Aug. 2017, to take a course in the UF Historic Preservation dept. And I started my A USA Painting business the next month. And my painting business has taken off ever since. It was a steady building, and it came all because of satisfied customers who referred me to their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers, and neighbors who saw me working and asking me for a business card.

Thank you to all my customers, beginning in Gainesville for all your referrals of my painting business to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

From Gainesville, my referrals have taken me to Lake City, Newberry, Trenton, Chiefland, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Citra, and Tampa. And I have a few houses painted in Leesburg and Ocala.

Since September 2017, I have over 50 houses painted in north and central Florida.

The business name has been altered a couple times. It became A USA PPP LLC May 2019. And then A USA Painting & Preservation LLC in 2022 (this time I “spelled out” the P’s).

Licensed in the State of Florida and fully Insured.