Brief Story How I Started in Painting Business

After having a painting project here and there though the years while my career took me in some other interesting areas, my first self-employed painting project came in Orlando, Florida in 2006. It was after my first government stint ended, and a co-worker asked me to paint his house. And that led to three other houses I painted in the Orlando area that year. All four were exterior paints including the picture below. But the same house pictured below also included some specialty faux finishes in the interior walls. One whole wall was done Venetian pigmented plaster, the living room-dining room wall rising up to the cathedral ceiling. And a kitchen was two-toned sponged red on top of a cream base.

House paint 3 Orlando 2006
Orlando, FL 2006


Venetian Plastered Wall 2006
Venetian Plastered Wall 2006











Then the first week of 2007, I moved up to High Springs to work on the natural and cultural resources at O’Leno State Park, River Rise Preserve, and Dudley Farm for one year (see Preservation-Historic for a couple highlights from that year).

O'Leno State Park CCC Rec Hall 2007
O’Leno State Park CCC Rec Hall 2007


Dudley Farm Marchant Building
Dudley Farm Marchant Building Assisted volunteers in building ADA ramp









Then, after moving to Tallahassee, in 2008 while P/T  maintenance worker for ECHO Tally, I painted the non-brick areas of a 2-apartment building including  metal handrails.

And then just after moving back to Central FL in 2013, I had a house in Leesburg I painted.

While my painting skills were developing and considering full-time self-employment in this field, at the same time I was an Adjunct instructor and also in training in museum and curatorial work. And this latter led me to complete my university museum studies certificate then leave the state to go back up to the Midwest for an MSLIS degree.

It is interesting how life works out. After returning to Florida then landing in Gainesville in Aug. 2017, I started my A USA PPP the next month. And my painting business took off shortly after.  Then, one month after moving to Gainesville August 2017, I established my A USA PPP business. What particularly drew me to Gainesville was to take the Historic Preservation course at UF. But I was much in need of getting back to income-earning work.

Thank you to all my Gainesville, FL customers and referring me to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Since September 2017, I have over 30 houses painted in north and central Florida.

I obtained the LLC to A USA PPP LLC May 2019.

Business name amended to A USA Preservation LLC in March 2022, reflecting a shift to a greater emphasis in preservation work while most of my work continues to be painting.

Licensed in the city of Gainesville

And Insured