Painting Portfolio

Exterior Houses

Exterior House Before & After W. Gainesville FL 2018 July rev

exterior house paint Jax, FL before and after

exterior house Lake Newnan, FL before and after Dec. 2019 - Jan. 2020

House Annex after painting Gainesville, FL 2020

Two houses after painting Gainesville, FL 2018 & 2020

Log House after painting Archer, FL 2020

2 Story Banister Rails Before & After Gainesville, FL 2020

Exterior House Before & After W-Gainesville 2018 June



Exterior Wood Staining Before & After Williston 2018

Exterior Houses 4 After Gainesville FL 2018

Interior Spaces

Interior Living Room 2 Views After Jax FL 2018

Interior Great Living Room After2 views Gainesville 2020 Ja


Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Cabs Before & After Gainesville 2019


Bathroom Cabinets/Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Before & After Orlando & Gainesville, FL 2019


Exterior Front Door & Interior Front Door Accents Gainesville FL 2018-2020


Deck Staining two Houses 2018 & 2020



Porches and Steps

Porch Floor 1910 House Lk Newnan & Front Steps 1927 House Leesburg, FL 2020

2020 &2021

Accent Walls, Chair Rails and Handrails
Interior Accent Wall with Chair rail & Handrail Gainesville FL 2019 & 2020

Special Finishes

Special Finishes Faux & Bathtub 2006 & 2020

Trim and Close-ups

Exterior Window Trim & Dormer Close-ups After 2018 & 2020


Generally, I both spray and roll. For thisĀ  2-story stucco house in Jacksonville, I decided to roll out with a long pole:

A USA Painting rolling 2-story stucco house Jax FL 2019
Generally, I both roll and spray. For this 2-story stucco house in Jax, FL, I decided to roll out with a long pole


Pressure-Washing Fences

Fence Pressure Wash Before & After Gainesville FL 2020

2006 & 2014 Samples

Central FL Houses Sampling 2006 -2014

Community Volunteer Work (Painting)
Grow Hub Bathhouse Gainesville FL Before & After Volunteer 2018

Note: The above “After” photo was taken before I painted the doors green. This project was directed and supervised by then Grow Hub director David.

Prior Work:

Includes Artistic Painting 1980’s – 1990’s
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