So what is “heritage”? Heritage includes so much, cultural resources of all kinds from the smallest artifacts to large monumental structures. Even the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. is a part of American Heritage. There is civil, pubic, national heritage. There is heritage at the ‘community’ level. And there is also religious heritage. My interests include them all, the former in part after serving two years in an AmeriCorps program full-time and also teaching a college Religion course for five years. My interests keenly included manuscripts. And it was for this reason, after three advisors all recommended the same degree, that I went back up north and this time landed in a Big Ten University and got my MSLIS degree with a Special Collections certificate from the oldest library school in the nation (oddly, this school removed the word “library” from their school name my first semester there, calling itself an Information School).

In the following months and after starting my A USA PPP business, the plan was formed the establish not just one but TWO Archives, both operating under A USA Preservation, a division of A USA PPP LLC:

These archives are being established and their new respective domains are:

All American Archive (a.k.a. American Heritage Repository):
www.allamericanarchive.org Go

All Christian Archive: www.allchristianarchive.org Go